Your contact center technology selection stress ends here.
Contact Center Tech Select is your answer to correctly deciding and implementing faster. Feel safe by leveraging more than two decades of expertise (and mistake learning) to match you with the solution(s) for your specific needs. Without cost to you.

I know it’s difficult. All of the vendor marketing messages sound the same. We can help you to sort through the hype and give you what you need to move forward faster.

-Jim Rembach, Host of the Contact Center Virtual Summit and Head Coach at Call Center Coach.

“HUGE time saver.”

Barry Sharpe, Republic Energy

“He’ll help you with actionable tasks to get the job done.”

Dee Kohler, Prime Therapeutics

“Jim Rembach is a go to guy.”

Gerry Barber, Pinnacle Financial

Contact Center Tech Select is a fast and pain-free way to make a better decision and avoid common mistakes people make trying to acquire modern contact center technology.

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